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Men's Group

Women of Vision, Women of Hope

Bible Study

Adult Bible study and the lively discussions it evokes take place spring and fall in six sessions on Tuesday mornings and evenings every other week.  Past series have covered Genesis, Matthew, the writings of the Apostle Paul, and the Psalms.  Future subjects depend on choices the participants will make.

The purpose of the study is to familiarize modern readers with sections of the Bible, to consider how these shaped the Christian faith at its birth, and to invite thought about implications for lives of faith and responsible action today.   Divergence of viewpoints is welcome. 

Discussions are led by the Rev. Paul S. Allen, pastor emeritus of the Winnetka Congregational Church in a Chicago suburb, and by volunteers from the group.  Leaders provide information about the contexts and possible original meanings of writings out of an ancient world, but participants mull and debate implications for us now. 

The two-hour discussions take place at 10 am and 7 pm in Mr. Allen’s home, with snacks provided group members.  Watch for schedules here and in church publications.

"The Gospel of John"

September 11th through

November 21st, Mondays and Tuesday


Dr Paul Allen


As a self-directed group the participants determine the discussion topics of greatest interest, the most appealing activities and set the frequency of meetings. The ideas and activities shared enable the growth of connections amongst participating men that enrich other life and church experiences. The men's group is a continuously evolving reservoir of experience, talent, capability, and energy. Broader community involvement, additional reflection on sermons, coping successfully with the affects of aging, learning about our 150 plus years as a church, supporting other church programming, and being informed and keeping clear about issues are examples of the kinds of matters tackled by the men's group. Activities have been relatively simple such as helping to setup tables for church functions and moving boxes for the annual church fair.  We have fun in that we do.

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