Our mission is very simple, but very important.

We are thankful, God, Christ, and Holy Spirit, that you have called us to be your church and that you are present with us always. We recognize that we, your people of State Street Church in Portland, Maine, are but a small part of your church's presence on Earth. Taking into consideration the particular resources and gifts you have given us, we seek to define our particular tasks as an inner city church and to do them to the best of our abilities. In so doing, we commit ourselves:

  • To celebrate our common journey of faith while honoring the diversity of gifts and people that are the essence of our church.
  • To create a community within which it is safe for individuals to explore all the gifts and talents you have given them.
  • To invite all to participate fully in the life and ministry of this Open and Affirming Church, with the belief that we are all loved unconditionally by you, O God, creator of all life. We seek to be a congregation that affirms your presence, your spark of life in all people. We joyously welcome persons of every age, race, gender, sexual orientation and identity, faith background, marital status, culture, physical and mental ability, socioeconomic status, and other differences that enrich and bless the diversity of your people.
  • To provide a place where people can learn about you and faith in a variety of ways - through worship, study, community, involvement, and a welcoming congregation.
  • To raise the children among us in the knowledge of your love and promises.
  • To reach out into our particular community to minister to the poor, the lonely, and the estranged.
  • To be as sensitive and responsive to our neighbor's needs as to our own, realizing that all with whom we share this Earth are our neighbors.
  • To use wisely the heritage of this building, recognizing that what we have to offer is the treasure of space for ministry in an urban setting.
  • To recognize that stewardship includes our responsibility to support the mission of our church with both money and time.
  • To speak and act boldly, yet in love, building upon our heritage of innovative ministry, interfaith cooperation, and active participation in the larger United Church of Christ.

We humbly ask for your help, your love, your spirit among us as we try to carry out this mission of State Street Church. O God of our past, present, and future, we hear your call to us and we seek to follow.

2017 Sermons 

"New Hope"            By         Jessica Moore.      December 31, 2017

"The Joy of Repair,"         By      Rev. Jeanette A. Good, Ph.D.         December 17, 2017

"Celebrating Peace,"        By         Rev. Jeanette A. Good,  Ph.D.      December 10, 2017