"Youth Together"

An exciting five-Church Youth Program

Grades 6-12

Led by Daniel Katyl

Youth Together is made up of youth from HopeGateWay, Williston-Immanuel United Church, Woodfords Congregational Church, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, & State Street Church. 


The primary goal of this group: to bring the youth of these faith communities together. We thrive, both as individuals and as a society, through close friendships within our local community, and our hope is that this group creates a space where forming and strengthening those friendships is possible.  Youth in grades 6 - 12 are welcome!

Lots of fun events coming up for Youth Together! 

Be sure and sign up for:  Youth Together Text Message Alerts!  Email your cell number to Daniel to sign up.

Summer Picnics in the Park

WHERE: Deering Oaks Park (near playground)

WHEN:  Sundays 12:30 - 3 PM

Parents & Youth are invited to spend Sunday afternoons this summer in the park.  Eat, talk, hangout, and play a game a two!

May 22, June 26, July 17, & August 14

Summer Youth Hangout

WHERE: Eastern Promenade

WHEN:  Every Thursday from 2 - 5 PM staring June 16th

Meet Daniel on hte Eastern Promenade to hang out, play some games in the field, have good conversation, and enjoy the amazing view.   Open for parents to drop off youth or stay and hang out.

June 16th through August 25th

Monthly Parent Zoom Gatherings


WHEN:  Every Wednesday from 7 - 8 PM staring June 15, July 20, August 17.

As Daniel continues to grow Youth Together, we want to create a space for parents to get to know Daniel and each other across all 5 churches.  Contact Daniel to get Zoom links for meetings.

Volunteers needed!

We are looking for adult volunteers interested in attending/helping out during youth events throughout the summer and beyond!

Please let your contact your Pastor and Daniel if you are interested in volunteering!

(Note that background checks will be required for anyone interested in volunteering.)